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A Space For The Unbound - Prologue

A Space For The Unbound - Prologue

Details: Video game
Developer: Mojiken
Publisher: Toge Productions
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS
Genres: Indie game, Adventure
Description: Discover new and upcoming games with our Soon to Bloom collection of over 20 playable demos. A Space for the Unbound is Coming Soon! You can wishlist it here. Experience the prologue chapter of A Space For The Unbound This is the prologue chapter and proof of concept of A Space For The Unbound, an upcoming slice-of-life adventure game with beautiful pixel art set in the late 90s rural Indonesia that tells a story about overcoming anxiety, depression, and the relationship between a boy and a girl with supernatural powers. This is the proof of concept prototype expanded from Mojiken Studio's internal game jam session. We are still trying to figure out the full game's experience, so your feedback and review on this Prologue will help us a lot in shaping the final game. Key Features Prologue chapter with 15-20 minutes of play. Throwback to the 90s! Let us take you to Indonesia in the late 90s. Explore rural Indonesia and enjoy its relaxing atmosphere with a hint of supernatural events. Chat and interact with other townfolks and listen to their personal stories. Dive into people's minds Inception-style. Listen to beautiful music composed by Masdito "Ittou" Bachtiar

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